AVA Tattoo Repairing Film

AVA Tattoo Repairing Film

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1. Keeps out water, dirt, and germs yet lets skin breathe.

2. Speeds up the healing process and reduces scabbing.

3. Light and flexible for ultimate comfort.

4. Latex free and hypoallergenic.

5. Can cut to fit any size tattoo.

6. Simply apply to skin and leave it on for up to 48 hours no need for aftercare during this period.

Roll size: 15cm wide x 10 meters long

Very simple to use:

Its best to pre cut the film prior to applying the stencil on, this will ensure there’s no risk of cross contamination when handling the roll and trying to measure up an area after the tattoo been completed.

Prepare the area make sure you leave the fresh tattoo to bleed out for a few minutes, wipe the tattoo with a wet paper towel to remove blood etc.

Wipe down with a dry paper towel.

Now grab your pre cut repairing film, remove the bottom paper side(white side) from the pre cut edge slit to reveal sticky side, place on to fresh tattoo making sure there’s an 1-2cm outer edge around the full tattoo.

Remove the top clear layer, this will leave a thin film layer behind. If tattoo is not fully covered a second layer of film can be added with an over lap of 1-2cm.

Rub it down to make good adherence  with skin. 

Customer can still have a shower and not having to worry about getting the tattoo wet. 

To remove it simply pick from a corner and peal it back slowly, can be run under warm water to ease peeling, wash the tattoo area path it dry and apply aftercare till fully healed.

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