Dynamic Ink Greywash set

Dynamic Ink Greywash set

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You've been waiting for this for years and it was worth it! With the utmost care, countless tests and constant customer surveys from professionals in the Black & Gray style, it's FINALLY done! 

The dynamic manufacturers have succeeded in determining 4 perfectly coordinated shades of gray from the proven original black formula.

- The Dynamic Greywash Set. The 4 washes are produced to the highest standards in the industry and are supplied in bottles of 120 ml each.

The Greywashes are mixed with medically distilled water that is filtered and UV sterilized at Dynamic's factory to ensure that the mixing solution in the washes is free of all impurities and is of the highest purity.

With the highest quality control standards, each bottle is guaranteed to be of the same quality and consistent tone.

This Dynamic Greywash Set contains:

  • # 20 - A thin wash and the lightest of the set.
  • # 40 - A smooth, light mid-toned wash.
  • # 60 - A deep and silky medium wash.
  • # 80 - The darkest shade of gray in the set, a deep and full wash.

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