Eternal Ink Travel Set

Eternal Ink Travel Set
Eternal Ink Travel Set

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Seeing a tattoo artist on the move on a regular basis is nothing surprising; regardless of whether you’re going to a convention, a guest spot in a distant shop or just looking for a convenient way to keep all of your inks in one place you will love this set. The eternal ink travel set supplies you with an adjustable and secure case in which you will find twenty-five of the most popular colours, in conveniently sized and easily portable little bottles. All of the inks included are high quality eternal inks, which ensure a lasting, vibrant pigment that provides some of the best results, all of which are non-toxic and organic to ensure not only that your customers will love it but also reduce the chances of a reaction; even if they have sensitive skin. Naturally when you’re on the move sanitation is an important factor of your tattoos, to help you as much as possible we ensure that all of the inks are sterilized using state of the art gamma radiation techniques, and we keep the inks fresh by never freezing them, thanks to our highly efficient processes all the way from manufacture to delivery. Travelling is stressful enough without worrying about your supplies and with this specifically designed set you won’t have to; there’s even room in the case for other tattoo supplies when ensured absolute ease and efficiency when you’re on the go.

Set Contains: White, Triple Black, Lining Black, Lipstick Red, Lightning Yellow, Dark Red, Sky Blue, True Blue, Crimson Red, Hot Pink, Light Purple, Orange, Light Magenta, Graffiti Green, Bright Orange, Golden Yellow, Mint Green, Pink, Dark Purple, Light Red, Deep Red, Lime Green, Bright Yellow, Caramel and Nuclear Green, 4x true gray wash set, keep it wet mixing solution.

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