Petrify Ink Sponge - Liquid solidifier

Petrify Ink Sponge - Liquid solidifier
Petrify Ink Sponge - Liquid solidifier

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One Bottle of Petrify™ — Super Absorbent Polymer for Liquids and Bodily Fluids — 4.25oz (120g)

Petrify all potential messes to solid, conveniently disposable waste! This super absorbent polymer yields a gel-like substance when added to any liquid, making it ideal for solidifying and throwing away blood, body fluids, and water-based liquids after messy tattooing procedures. Petrify™ is formulated to solidify liquid thirty times its own weight in a matter of minutes; simply add the Petrify™ to your used rinse cups, and the mess will take care of itself. This product is also recommended for use with bottoms of sharps containers, red biohazard bags, or specimen shipping.

This listing is for one 4.25oz bottle of Petrify™

Please Note: This product is neither a sanitizer nor a disinfectant. Please use approximately 2g of Petrify™ per every 6oz of liquid.

  • Contents: Polyacrylate Polymer Matrix
  • Solidifies liquid 30 times its own weight in minutes
  • Not a sanitizer or disinfectant
  • Made in Brazil
  1. Add Petrify™
  2. Watch liquid solidify.
  3. Discard waste.

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