The Inked Army Ammo Box(basic)

The Inked Army Ammo Box(basic) SALE
The Inked Army Ammo Box(basic) SALE
The Inked Army Ammo Box(basic) SALE

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£38.00 £42.99

This simple foam knob inlay fits into ammo boxes and is designed to protect all really important objects and objects of all sizes.
The Ammo boxes is an efficient transport system for the traveling tattoo artist.
With these transport boxes you are well equipped to transport your most valuable and expensive tools from A to B. No matter whether you are traveling at fairs, or simply commuting regularly between several studios, everything important fits into the ammo boxes.

The inventory is protected by sturdy double walls, a shock-proof plastic cover and inside with a foam-padded special inlay in all directions.
The reliable toggle buckles open only when manually operated and never by a fall or shock!
Thanks to an anti-slip rubber grip, the Ammo Box always lies securely in the hand.


  • Expanded polystyrene projections inlay
  • Optimal and safe protection for tattoo machines and accessories
  • Tattoo machines and accessories not included
  • Dimensions: 30 x 38 x 10cm

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