Viper CURVED MAGS Cartridges #10(0.30mm)

Viper CURVED MAGS Cartridges #10(0.30mm)
Viper CURVED MAGS Cartridges #10(0.30mm)
Viper CURVED MAGS Cartridges #10(0.30mm)

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  • QUATAT VIPER Precision Tattoo Needle Cartridges.
  • Viper Stability System. Membrane Sealed.
  • Curved mags #10 0.30mm
  • 100% EO Gas Sterilized.
  • Surgical steel and medical grade plastic
  • Box contains 20 carts
  • Compatible with most tattoo cartridge machines in market.


Round Mag cartridges can hold decent amounts of ink without splashing out ink everywhere, great to used on detail work were you want to avoid over wiping and risking loosing the stencil. The Stability of the cartridges is amazing what we mean l by that is when the needle is pushed out it wont have a sideways movement at the tip, so the stroke to skin will always be precise, constant and smooth as it hits the skin. Made by QUATAT the Viper Cartridges are smooth running even after a long session, needles will stay sharp until the end and off coarse they are membrane sealed, they just perform as they should, we still use these at our studio. We have tried and tested a lot of different cartridge brands and these have made the top of our favorite list. We have sold many boxes and had nothing but good feed back from artist all over the world.

Hustle Tattoo Supplies is the only supplier selling Viper Cartridges in the UK rite now.

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